This rule is in place basically so that everything is fair.

2. If you are going to leave, please walk your character out of a situation. If you can’t without breaking the above rule, then declare them dead.

Basically, we don't want random characters standing there doing nothing for long periods of time.

3. If a character is left in an active character to character situation that does not involve battle for over a month, then they are randomly asleep.

This is so the story does not get clogged up.

4. If a character is left in an active character to character situation that involves battle for over a month, they will be killed.

Same reason as above but if you fall asleep in combat, you are going to be killed.

5. Sign these rules with a ‘smek’.

This is to make sure you are paying attention!

6. Every non-npc character will be starting fresh in whatever line they are taking. Ex: Fruit users allowed only 1-2 fruit moves, 1 basic fighting skill set, and 1 basic nautical/charismatic skill.

This is a suggestion to promote balance. Just know if you do not list something like "Navigation", you WILL have Zoro's amazing sense of direction.

7. If you post before putting up a bio or signing the rules, it will be taken down if you do not sign/place a bio within 24 hours.

This is to make sure you understand what was written. Usually, #5 will let me know you read them and usually if you're able to post, you can put a word. Also, your bio defines what you're able to do from the start.

8. There is a limit to one kind of any certain fruit being active at a time. If the fruit user dies, the nearest fruit to them will become a similar model to the fruit the user had under the same name.

This is simple fruit science. It will be further explained on it's own page.

9. NPCs on the NPC list cannot be controlled by players, the ST (admin) will be in control of that.

This is to simplify everything. The NPCs on the list are important to the story. Other NPCs like shop keeps and stuffs are free to be used.

10. Only ONE RPC per person.

This is also for simplification. But if you build a crew of NPCs, you place them on your bio as you achieve them.

There are also unspoken rules that are essential to understanding what this RP is. The rp is mature, this is due to the violence and hinted content in order to form the story. Also, when everyone is powerful and new rpcs are made due to the death of a previous RPC will not be forced to start low. They will be adjusted based on starting position.