Welcome to the One Piece: Rise of Pirate, The Third Age WikiaEdit

This is an information index to the Role-PLaying Group on Skyrie. After the Death of the second King of Pirates, the balance was overturned and Marines took over the seas. The Yonkou were all destroyed and once the Shichibukai had performed their use, were executed as well. Once the powers were out of their way, they seized full controls of the ocean and slaughtered all those who would commit crimes on the sea for fear of a new coming. Fleet Admiral Nomikomu will see to it that Pirates are erased from existence.

About All ThisEdit

This is an interesting after the fact world where there are few left. The roleplay is currently being moved to a more secure location. All of these are serious and would expect maturity out of those in it. It is a very adult role-play due to sexual references and a high level of violence. Beyond that, it is like the show and generally light-hearted. Anyone can start off as a beginning Marine, pirate, or even just as a civilian. It is tons of fun so far and the third age has begun!

Latest activityEdit

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