"If I had loyal allies, I'd make these marine dogs kneel before those that they have harmed."
Vital statistics
Position Captain of the Sea Devils
Age 21
Status Living
Physical attributes
Height 7'0"
Weight 900 lbs

Axel is an RPC character created by the user Cain. He is a tiger shark fishman that is very persistent on attempting to follow Luffy's path. WARNING TO OTHER PLAYERS! This player is ahead of everyone else by a couple months. Events have taken place that have yet to take place for other players.


He is a care free go easy fishman that only seeks adventure that openly supports pirates. He seeks the same as his king and is looking for peace between humans and fishmen but he will not lower himself to stop human crimes as he does not see it as his problem. He only seeks a fight when his kin is involved or he has no choice. He will openly challenge other pirates and marines to prove he is better.

Owned Items

  • Yacht (Destroyed)
  • Salted meats
  • Ale
  • Miniature water filter
  • Cannons(4) (Destroyed)
  • Sniper rifles(2) (Destroyed)
  • Pistols(10) (Destroyed)
  • Knives(20) (Destroyed)
  • Daggers(10) (Destroyed)
  • Swords (2) (Destroyed)
  • Straw Hat Jolly Roger (Burried)
  • Red Hair Jolly Roger (Burried)
  • Whitebeard's Jacket (Burried)
  • Standard Boat
  • Potted Orange Tree
  • Night Garp (Large Marine ship formally owned by Garp)


  • Fishman Strength - Fishmen are known for their enormous amounts of strength. Basic is that if a human can lift twice their own body weight, a fishman can lift two and a half times. Putting into perspective, Axel can lift 2,250 lbs. This is his current maximum without training.
  • Fishman Speed - Fishmen tend to be fast but are faster in the water than on land. The more a fishman weighs is the more muscle they have and the faster they can move unless their training dictates to bulk, adding to strength instead. Axel may run at 20 mph on land and swim 40 mph under the water. If he swam at a wooden boat, he can barge through it.
  • Teeth - Being a shark fishman comes with a special little thing in his mouth, his razor sharp teeth. These teeth are sharp enough to carve flesh from bone and have other uses if trained properly.
  • Claws - He has sharp nails that may not be as effective as his teeth but he can scratch through a person when putting force behind it.
  • Navigation - He has the ability to Navigate the grand line and the east blue. He knows this from swimming and sailing.
  • Fishman Karate - Most Fishmen learn the art of Fishman karate, though right now Axel may only be at the basics, there are certain things he can use:
    • Basic Stance: The basic stance in Fishman Karate.
    • Water Bubble: He can pull together water from the air or sources around him to create a bubble in his hand. From here, other moves are based.
    • Water Bullet: He can pull apart a water bubble to make smaller bubbles that can be shot from his finger tips at 80 mph.
    • Forceful Blast: He can push the water in the air to make a firm impact against an opponant, even if they are at a small distance away.
  • Boating: He knows the basics on how to direct and move a boat.


Sea Devils

  • Axel - Captain
  • Nathan Diseased - Swordsman
  • MachiShipwright
  • SeishisaiArcheologist
  • Fylnn DarkflameDoctor

Neo Sun Pirates (Former)

  • Mako - Captain
  • Dojo - Swordsman
  • Onotameni - Swordsman
  • Haiboku - Gunner
  • Heiwa - Communications, First Mate
  • Kodineshon - Navigator
  • Choju - Cook
  • Baransu - Doctor
  • Hamoni - Bard


The Pirate AllianceEdit

  • Undead
  • Dracule "Hawk-Eye" Mihawk
  • Eustass Kid
  • Buggy
  • Brook
  • Killer
  • Neo Sun Pirates
  • Neo Whitebeard Pirates
  • Usopp Pirates
  • Neo Big Mam Pirates
  • Thriller Bark
  • Elemental Aviaries
  • Red Tornado Pirates
  • Triple Huv Pirates
  • Dare Ya Pirates
  • Neo Neo Pirates
  • Exclusive Vitae Pirates
  • Marine Intel Agents


Before the RP

He was born on the fishman island in the center of the grand line and has lived a rather peaceful life always admiring the late great Boss Jimbei. He being a shark fishman felt closest to him along with Arlong but he would not fall into that b******'s mentality to enslave humans. Axel was an orphan like most shark fishman before the bad part of fishman island was closed.

He was raised by Shyarly for most of his life to repay her once he was a teen he worked in the Mermaid cafe as a guard for the dancers who would get harassed by human pirates and drunk fishman. He was out hunting with friend looking for big game to have a feast for the celebration of Axel being made a Neo sun Pirate. He came home to find the person he held as a mother dead and was told it was the marines so he set out with his fellow sun pirates and took for the seas towards the east blue.

Once they came over reverse mountain they were attacked by four marine ships luckily no damage to the ship itself as his fellow fishman fought in the sea not on the boat. He was hit in the head with a cannon round knocking him unconscious so he survived the onslaught. When he awoke he found his kin slayed and the boat left floating there with two young marines left to guard it. He snuck aboard knocking them both overboard before casting the sails and setting out looking for a crew.

He thought of the King of the Pirates and when his adventure had started which was a story of legend. He went to this island docking his ship without the jolly roger flown allowing him to walk the island openly. He began looking for Luffy's grave thinking this would be a place for a marker. He noticed old wanted posters so he followed them not understanding the meaning before finding himself in a hidden cove with 9 crosses eight of them circling a large one. He knelt to the crosses speaking, "I bow to you hero’s of my Kin. You're the ones that set the path for our peace and without you, I could not be here now." He stood and headed into town once more thinking he may find someone to join his crew here.

Raise the Flags Arc

Start of a JourneyEdit

Axel walked with his hands behind his back a black shirt covering the scar on his chest he hated wearing clothes but it was polite to the humans he figured as they were forced to wear clothing as well. He hadn’t been away from the grave for long before the normal stares from the elders who still remembered Arlong and Hordy and their wrong doings looked down on Axel. He went to a local tavern spotting a chick in a red coat only thing that struck him as odd was she was wearing a coat in such tropic climate. He passed through and sat down at the bar, laying down the needed cash to get a drink and waited to see if anything happened in here. He sipped at the drink sighing as to him this alcohol wouldn't give him a buzz no matter how much he drank so it was simply as if water to him. He drank in a gulp turning to the woman running the bar and asked, "Hey? You got anything stronger?"

She brought him a small dish of a red liquid and warned him, "This is Super Sake." He reached into his coin pouch to pay but the barmaid declined by pushing the Beli back to him. She told him, "It's on the house. I will be rolling you into a bed in a few minutes, that won’t be free."

He smirked and tipped it back, feeling it burn his throat but only a small tingle went through him before he looked at her, ”Sorry guess I wont be needing that room after all.” Axel turned watching the people of the tavern, humans were so weird from the clothing to there attitude to one another, hatred for there differences was strange to Axel as no two fishman looked the same.

He figured he would never know his father since he was probably a shark while he was told his mother was a Mermaid. He was unsure of who either were but he was told his father was a pirate and no one would tell him more when made him wonder what horrid thing he must have done. He turned and ordered another one of the cups before walking back outside feeling fine. He watched a group of kids edging towards him so he simply stood still and let them examine his form. He walked over to a stand and bought about ten pieces of thread before reaching into his mouth, pulling out his teeth and allowed a new set to regrow before he poked holes through the now free teeth. He threaded the string through the holes, talking kindly to the children, ”if any of you ever come to my home, present these and you will never be harmed, but say they were a gift don’t use them as a trophy.” He handed them out before dropping the extra teeth on the stand, bluntly speaking to the merchant, ”Those should be useful to you.”

He watched the elders try and convince the kids to throw them away but they never did. His teeth were real and the only way to get a tooth that perfect was it to be a gift so anyone but a fishman would have broken it. He spotted the woman in red once again and finally allowed her to peak his interest so he walked over, speaking plainly to her, ”so what are you doing on this island as your clearly not a local”.

The woman seemed uncomfortable as she was picked out from the crowd. It was clear that he was much larger than she expected and left her hands in her pockets a child ran by behind her and stopped bending over and picking up a red feather and smiled playing with it and ran off. She glanced back at him and her mouth opened to say something then shut quickly. Then turned to look back at him and sighed. “What makes you say that?” She asked and seemed to be thinking on what to say next for a moment. At first, it appeared her attention was being distracted by the people entering the nearby bar after a stranger recently passing through. “You don’t seem from around here either though probably just as far away as me just the other direction,” she giggled and watched him.

Axel smirked at her statement, ”Only someone who is hiding something would wear a coat in this weather.” He noticed the man walk by with the large sword and he was sure he had seen a wanted poster somewhere for a man who carried such a blade, this was perhaps the stranger that was capturing her gaze earlier. He wanted to follow but his movements spoke he was trying to draw as little attention as possible so he didn’t need a huge fish bearing down on him like a beacon. He sighed seeing all these people acting in fear at the mention of the marines. He walked past the bar and openly spoke, ”If I had the loyal allies, I'd make these marine dogs kneel before those that they have harmed.” He began to walk back to the coast to check on his ship to see if it needed repairs or supplies, interest lost in the odd woman. He pulled up his shirt and the sun pirates mark was on his ribs looked raw still as it had only been three days since the mark had been gifted to him.

He saw the ship and saw no one was bothering it so he strolled about the vessel, seeing paint was chipping and there were a few cracks on deck and the mark of the king was fading. He sat leaning against it with his head bowed and thinking of his brother that had been lost to the vicious dogs. He didn’t find their bodies so he feared the worst for them imprisonment or enslavement as death would have occurred then and there.

Near Axel’s ship, a blur of tan and yellow leaped from the water and onto land. Once the being had stopped, she was revealed to have tan skin with spikes starting on her forehead and running the whole length of her back. She had a yellow cloth holding her breasts up and a yellow cloth tied in the front with the knot on her left leg. She turned to face Axel and her yellow eyes were revealed, her body had some spots along the sides. She had thick lips and etched on her stomach was the red sun symbol of the Sun Pirates. She had a look of surprise, not expecting to see another fishman here. She decided to stop and speak up to the man, her bare feet tapping as she walked to him, “I didn’t expect to see one of us here.” She crossed her arms beneath her breasts and was looking over him, seemingly checking him out. She stopped at least five feet from him and admired his looks.

Axel looked up from the ship spotting the other fishman as she was coming out of the sea and he knew this one as one of the higher sun pirates. He raised up his shirt showing the mark on his stomach, ”the pirates who were sent out three days ago to hunt the marines were captured, all but myself who was knocked out and left to die at the bottom of the ocean.” He felt a little odd of her looking him over as if he was a piece of meat, though she was a higher up. She was not that expected by him as she was not a shark, which were few and far between after Arlong and Hordy the sharks were less trusted. He looked her up and down seeing the spikes, ”You're a porcupine puffer fish, what could possibly draw you this far into the east blue as most of the allies we have are still in the grand line?”

Heiwa nodded and her voice trailed out a silent, “I am so sorry, they will be avenged.” She watched him check her over then listened to him. She looked down a bit, appearing to be thinking. She looked back at Axel and said, “There’s a man here Mako wants me to speak with. He is an unspoken and I believe he will find this deal fruitful considering the circumstances with the marines.” She looked around, only seeing commoners currently and then thought to ask, “If you would like, you could come in as well? Perhaps having another perspective will help settle tensions.” She offered him a smile, quills perking up and then flattening back against herself as she let out a sigh.

( edits from here ) Axel shivered at the name Mako she was like the bane of his existence such a small fish leading such a large army of Fishman. He shook it off he had always felt a shark should lead as they were the strongest next to the royal family. He felt if a shark could grow to be the strongest he could redeem his kin for the wrong doings of Arlong and Hordy but he was unsure of this as they had a such a dark past that the straw hats saved them from both times. He had respect for the late Straw hat King that was why he came to this island to pay his respects and he had hoped to find guidance where the king grew up and here was another fishman could this be the guidance he had been asking for. He stood up and waved a hand back towards the city” let us see what Mako is skimming this time”. He walked firmly making sure he was his full height to show he was larger then this simple fish that he was following. He had distaste for fellow fishman because of his treatment as a child. He being a shark was beaten and accused of being the next Arlong which on many occasion he thought it not a bad idea as he could get his revenge on these b******s for there treatment. He fell into step when his mother took him in and he was being trained to join the royal army while at the same time he worked with the Neo Sun pirates.

Heiwa smirked and allowed him to follow her back to the bar. She entered slowly and weaved through the crowded bar, her quills pressed flat against her skin and trying to not touch anyone. She went up to the bartender and reached her webbed fingers into her tied on top and pulled out a small piece of paper that bore the symbol of the Straw Hat pirates. The bartender would nod and take her and her guest to the secret door and open it. Heiwa would walk in and see he was with someone already, her head tilting to the side as she eyed this stranger then shot her head to the other male, “I will wait for this business to be done, Hawk-eye.”

He only looked over to her for a moment and uttered, “You’re late.” Then he returned his gaze to the other female before him. Heiwa shrugged and placed the symbol back under her breast and proceeded to fold her arms under them.

She watched him look at it then back to her she was gauging him then he told her she could speak this pleased her as she smiled softly. “That blade was broken and I seek only one part of it the hilt and pummel. It was my father’s sword “ She stood there and watched him a moment more. “Any information you may have on its whereabouts I would be much inclined to pay for if you so wish or I could owe you a favor but this is a matter of family and honor for me.” Her coat rustled as she shifted her wings though uncomfortable. “If you know nothing or wish not to share I will leave you in peace as I came and forget we ever met and leave you to your life.” She was giving him his anonymity.

Axel followed her in smirking at the mark of the straw hats but what surprised him the most was when he saw the female from earlier sitting with the man she called “Hawk eye”. He stopped for a second turning back to the woman “your not saying this is one of the unspoken”. He lived to meet the great pirates of old but this man was old though he seemed to age well Axel was unsure if he would even be able to swing that massive sword like his legend foretold he could. Axel made sure his massive form hid the door so if anyone were to open it they would get smacked with his tail. Axel wanted to know why they were gathered together in a place the Marines search religiously.

Hawk-Eye Mihawk re-examined the picture of the blade as she continued on about it. He looked up to her since it was a matter of honor and spoke, “If I catch hold of it and we meet again, I will give it to you. As it stands, I have not seen this blade.” He turned his head to Heiwa and said, “Come sit. This business is finished and we may start our own.” He was not going to sugar coat it and was blunt, not caring if the woman heard their business as for her to be let back was a sign she was safe to talk to. He heard what the shark fishman had asked and his piercing eyes turned to him without his own response.

Heiwa moved to the opposing side of his table and sat herself down but not before answering Axel, “Yes. He is one of the unspoken and of the top four.” As she did sit, she was careful of her spines, not careful enough as she felt them poke into the wood. She released a silent “d*** it…” under her breath. To her observations, there were no backless chairs nor stools. She then voiced what she needed to to him, “Mako wants to pull more together in alliance. So far she has allied herself with Truble and with Tanakami without issue. She has also, in connection to Tanakami thus gained connection to the remaining Straw Hat. There has been some trouble with Darcel, you can understand why.” Mihawk gave her a nod. “Beyond that, we’re trying to get a connection through to Buggy but it seems he’s always in the east when we search the grand line and in the grand line when we search in the east. He has marine connections that could give us all worry free passage in and out of the grand line. You had offered your assistance last time and the three talked on it and decided that they do not want you or any of the others who kept themselves true to be exposed to the marines.”

“I understand Mako’s concern,” Mihawk took her pause to enter his say. “But you as well as them know I would be able to handle my own with them. As long as it is not the Fleet Admiral we will all be fine.”

“That is just it,” Heiwa warned him, “We have all lost track of him. He entered the grand line and no one has been able to pin point him since.” She pulled away from the backing a bit but felt this action going nowhere.

Mihawk’s posture tensed a bit but he let out a breath as his eyelids closed. “It cannot be helped,” He spoke plainly, “We know if he is in the Grand Line that those hiding in the Blues are safe. Including the undead.”

“We don’t know that he is even still there,” Heiwa spoke back. “Mako spread her entire crew out to find him as did Truble but there hasn’t been a single sign over any of the blues or the grand line. We think he is biding his time or has locked onto one of us.” The two sat there and seemed to be mulling this over, a deadly and extremely serious matter.

She stood there and listened and looked to the photo and smiled nodding to him a tear running down her cheek as she watched him and nodded. “Thank you please take care in your travels I would hate to see such a good man fall.” Turning and heading out to leave them to their meeting then looked to the fishman she had seen before and raised a brow. “May we speak when you are done?” she asked with a grin and closed the door careful not to close it on anyone.

Axel stood there till the first matter was settled and simply nodded to the woman on her request and grabbing his tail so she wouldn’t close it in the door. He then let it lean against the door with his arms crossed and listened to the dispute between the two and grew on edge as they discussed losing track of the fleet admerial. He could be in fish man island right now destroying the place but long ago they had put in a last resort switch for such an occasion where the entire place would fill with water killing any human d***ed to be inside without a bubble. He stood silent not sure if he should speak on such serious matters but he spoke” why not make a fake report that one of the four is somewhere that is deserted then you’ll know his location”.

Heiwa offered a slight smile as Axel suggested such but then decided to take out a pouch from in her skirt. She made sure the two men didn’t see anything as she slipped it onto the table and undid the strings revealing a tiny snail phone. It sneezed a little bit and Heiwa pet its shell as she said, “We should be able to relay to Mako privately on this. These tiny ones we found happen to transmit on a frequency that the marines can’t reach because it is far too high. Mako also flips out when she hears the frequency due to her being what she is.” Heiwa pet its shell a little more, careful not to touch its slimy side and made it coo.

“It looks sick,” Mihawk pointed out.

“You’d be sick too if you swam from Alabasta to Drum Island and back. Then swam the whole way here,” Heiwa had a sense of pride in her voice for doing such, the snail letting out a tiny sneeze again. She leaned down to it and said, “Unmute.” The snail nodded its little head and then un-muted. “Mako? Can you hear me?” No response was given from the other end. She sighed and repeated, “Mako, I am sitting here with one you know who and need you to respond to a plan offered by a third party.”

A response came across finally of Mako’s almost mild chirping voice, “Yeah Heiwa? Sorry for the delay, I was busy.”

“Are you with Truble again?” Heiwa’s immediate response was.

“Um… No?” Mako’s voice echoed out and the snail relayed a concerned look.

Then Truble’s firm voice came through it, “Mako, you should not lie to your crew like that.”

Heiwa sighed and said, “Stop teasing him. Anyways, the third party suggested feigning a relay stating that one of the four are on a deserted island so the fleet admiral will be there and we will know where he is.”

“If he arrives and sees none, he will get suspicious,” Mihawk inserted his say. “He may even be able to track us through the relay and come to us instead.”

Heiwa went silent and the snail was silent for a moment. Mako’s voice came through again, “So relay on two deserted islands. We swim fast enough we could park away from the island and then make calls. Then both parties return to ships and the two ships pull together. I vote my crew’s and Truble’s get to do this. With help of course.”

“Thank you captain,” Heiwa spoke.

“Now where were we?” Mako’s voice sounded seductive before she muted again.

Heiwa sighed and rubbed her head, her quills puffed up and pulled the back of the chair off and apart. The pieces slid to the ground and then she calmed herself so the quills went back down. “Mute…” She pet the snail’s shell again. She then carefully picked it up by the shell and placed it back into the bag, pulling it up and closing it. She then said, “Sometimes I wonder why anyone listens to her.”

“You shouldn’t question her,” Mihawk gave her a cold look. “If you didn’t like her you shouldn’t have joined her in the first place. If she’s changed, then you haven’t progressed with her.”

Axel listened through the rest of the conversation thinking that after the first time he shouldn’t speak again so after Heiwa stopped talking to Mako he excused himself and walked out of the bar sticking near the entrance as he stretched knocking over a human when he held out his hand to help but the human simply crawled away before running. Axel sighed and turned making his way around town looking for the woman in red.

Short Lasting MemberEdit

She was talking with someone at a stall when they stopped and their eyes got big she looked behind her expecting marines or something to be frightened of but it was simply the fish she wished to speak with. Silently she walked to him and reached into her pocket and fiddled with the pouch that rested in it. “You see I need to make a trip back home, but my little craft won’t get me there at least not tell it is done recharging.” She said and waved him to follow her having just pulled her hand out of her pocket and used two fingers to make her movements subtle as to not draw attention. “If you could or if you had a craft that could make it to my home I will see to it that you are most well taken care of and I will compensate you however I can be it money or someone to travel with.” She said her voice was low and she didn’t like some of the stares that she was getting it made her feel like she was back home.

Axel looked the girl up and down after she spoke her piece “I have a ship that can get us to the grand line and back if that’s your wish but once I have fulfilled my part you will have to make a choice to help me gather others for my crew”. He made a motion for her to follow him as he turned on the spot heading towards stalls he would begin picking up barrels of rum and cola stacking them till he had ten barrels held tightly. He had the sail clerk reach into his pocket and fetch the money and the person was younger so they were all for the peace between the races so they didn’t try and rip him off. He lead the girl to his craft before going below deck and stacking the barrels carefully before he tied them up tightly. He came back up”where is your craft so we can take it with us”. He would listen for its location before he went to fetch it with a large rope he would tie it so that it would trail behind his craft. He would then go to the boat and give it a slight push to get it moving before he ran and leaped onto the boat easily. He would let the boat coast till they got out to open sea then opened the sails and the wind caught them and off they went on there first journey hopefully expecting many more.

When the open seas are hit, it will begin to rain a bit. The wind is blowing at 10 MPH to the southwest and there are ships coming in from the distance. There are four of them, one to the south east of the ship is a marine vessel. It is engaged in combat with the vessel directly south of the ship. The other two vessels are slightly east, they are both at combat with one another. The skies in the direction the ship is headed appears to have dark clouds. It seems the main form of combat is taking place over long range and the vessels are showing potential that if they spot the boat holding the fishman and the skypian upon it, they could very well turn and fire. There is no visible sign of fruit users nor of there being any of the unspoken nor high marines.

She watched him buy and carry the barrels his sheer strength did not surprise her but the fact he had such a large ship without any armaments surprised her. As he was pushing the ship out to sea she pointed over to her little weaver which had 5 cannons floating around it. “That right there would be my little ship not much but she gets me around.” She said she hadn’t answered the other part of his statement or question she wasn’t quite sure what it was at this point but it was important to do so. Bowing her head she sat on the deck of his ship then slipped her coat off and opened her large red wings letting the air fill them lifting her up a second then shifted them so she didn’t get carried away on the wind and let them rest naturally behind her. “If you help me find that which I seek the debt I will owe you will not be able to be repaid. So How about I be the start of the crew you are building. I’m not as useless as I appear.” She said with a smile and walked past the sail and opened her wings feeling the wind flow through her feathers again. “Might want to cut it to half-mast you will get better speeds and maneuverability that way.”

Axel nodded to her once he saw her form thought she might be more reliable then a simple human “if you wish to join my crew just know death is real possibility as we will be targeting the fleet admerial of the marines. I do not know of the sword which you spoke of but if we come across information on it ill help you gain this item”. He saw the storm coming as well as the ships were coming in sight so he sighed going below deck and grabbing his twin swords before returning” don’t go anywhere and don’t do anything stupid” and jumping in the water he shot off like a bullet with such force that his craft would be pulled with him for a few feet but it would stay out of range of cannon fire. Axel got closer before jumping out of the water being not noticed because of the battle he saw there were four ships three of such looked like pirates none of them looked that strong so he ran and jumped into the water holding the blades out in front of himself the points together he spun a horrifying speed and began charging the pirate ships piercing through each of them easily. He would find the two fish man who were chained and easily broke them before swimming up to the surface and climbing onto the deck of the marine ship “your welcome, I ended this conflict for you, I wish for no harm to come to the two fishman I freed and any treasure I can find down there I will split with you marines as payment for the conflict I ended.

The pirates of which were sunk all started to swim towards land. One of the freed fishmen started to swim away. The other turned and attacked the men who had captured him, grabbing one of the pirates from beneath and ripping them apart. When Axel got onto the marine ship, some of the men were tense. Their captain came forward and was a Sand Devil Shark Fishman, he looked at Axel with a smirk and noticed the mark of the sun pirates but did not alert his men. As he spoke, several rows of teeth in his mouth were exposed, “I would thank you kindly, but my men here seem to be a little wary of you.” His skin was dark across the top and he had various points which stuck out, making him need to wear his jacket over his shoulders. He gazed with sharp eyes at Axel, hints of there just being black and white in his eyes. He continued, “If that is what you wish to do, I will thank you. If you go back on it, I will be sure you bleed.” He took a sniff at the ocean and saw that the one angered fishman in the water had bloodied it pretty bad. This caused the captain’s pupils to dilate but it was clear he could maintain his composure. They hadn’t taken notice of Axel’s vessel or the bird woman upon it. However, one of the men swimming back to shore tried to climb onto the boat. The person was ripped down off the boat, causing it to rock a bit from the fishman ripping the flailing human from the ship.

Axel sheathed both blades when he saw the sand devil shark and with a smirk he nodded to him before he looked to each of his men showing his long fangs” I don’t plan to hurt your humans just wish to get my payment and be on my way as I dont want to be on the sea in this area if there are pirates about, your leader tends to be a little hot headed when pirates are mentioned”. He saw the blood and his eyes dilated at the smell though when it started towards his boat he wasn’t going to have it. He grabbed a rope that was on the deck of the marine ship and jumped back into the water and swam at top speed after the cat fish not in time to prevent the pirates death but not to long after. He tried to tie up the cat fish to stop its rampage as it didn’t seem to realize who was enemy and friend. If Axel caught it he would drag the fish to the bottom before speaking to it” calm the hell down before the marines think you there enemy because if that happens ill end your life or the sand devil will do the job”.

The captain of the marines nodded at his words then watched Axel nab a rope and take off to the blood. The marines were about to hop in after him but the Sand Devil placed a hand out as he simply watched. He voiced to his men, “One move and you’ll be bait for him. I want to see how this plays out.” The catfish was startled when the ‘human’ on the ship above was suddenly with wings and flying, clear that this fish had never seen a skypian before. Before the fish could lash out, Axel would catch him and drag him down to the bottom all tied up. He heard what Axel said and just glared at him, “Why the hell are you defending the humans? Isn’t it clear that despite being asked to no longer show hate to one another that they are clearly still showing hate towards our kind? And now they are sprouting random a** wings!” He pointed his head back to the marine ship, “And that sand devil is clearly a traitor to our kind. Siding with those who want everything that isn’t like them dead…” He growled a bit though his teeth were not nearly as menacing as a shark’s. His whiskers flowed around him though, giving him a serious look. He was a big fella, and pent up in rage as he flailed to get loose from the rope bindings and making them fray.

Axel grew pissed at the fishman who spoke low of a fellow shark before he yanked up his shirt to display the sun pirate crest on his shirt” If you dare to speak ill of a fellow shark again ill slit your throat and leave you here to be eaten by fish, I defend humans as this is only the fault of a few so you should not hate them as a whole”. Axel raised his blade pointing strait at the cat fishes head before swinging it cutting the ropes free of him and swimming off to catch up with his ship which he gave a push to faster move towards the marines. He would jump on the deck ignoring the bird as they coating close enough to the marines to be in shouting distance” Im going to dive if that’s alright captain your welcome to join me as that cat fish should be far gone at this point or one of your crew can dive if you have the gear and ill let them choose any reward they wish from the bottom for there courage”. Axel laid down both swords and walked to the edge of his ship and leaped back out but before he hit the water” leave my bird alone…”. Axel sank strait towards the bottom and began searching through the three ships.

The catfish’s whiskers seemed to want to flare from their bindings as fear entered his eyes, he’d spoken the wrong words to the wrong fish. He remained silent as he felt the blade close to his scales and closed his eyes, thinking that this brethren was bound to end his existence to never redeem his hate to those undeserving of it. Then his tethers were loosed and he could move, he opened his eyes to be free once more. Now calmer and in his right of mind, he would nod to the sharp-toothed scaled savior and swim at his top speeds to retreat from the location and head home. He would be required to follow the trail of the other who had fled before, as he had been raised on that ship.

The captain of the marine vessel’s eyes slit as thin as they could go as he locked onto the vessel his sudden helper had appeared from. He took in a deep breath as he was going to ask his men to investigate but then he saw it move faster. His presumption was that this was his sandpaper fleshed ‘friend’ moving the vessel towards them. His men seemed antsy but he fanned his fingers out and placed his palm towards his men with his arm to the side. “Stand down,” His voice boomed like a drum to his men, “He is our friend from earlier.” As the vessel moved closer, his eyes would lock onto the human on his boat. Then the wings became appearent and he took a deep sniff through his nose, she must have been from that sky place. It was no bother to him but she did look like a flying happy meal. His eyes were locked until Axel began to speak, shifting his pupils as they dilated slightly to appear normal. He was more than ready to dive in with this new found friend, but the thought of rewarding a member for their bravery sated a sort of sadistic desire that had been welling in him for some time. He turned his head to his crew and looked carefully among them.

His entire crew was frightened but the one crewmember seemed to be quivering more so than the rest and even hiding in the back. As the captain strode towards this frightened sheep, his fangs were bared in a twisted smile. He placed his hand upon the man’s shoulder, webbing rounding his shoulder and picking up the shaking. A nasty smell assaulted the captain’s nose but a recognizable one, that of his own men’s urine from their fear of him. This only made him more certain of choosing this human for the task as he spoke with direction, “Gear up, you’re swimming with sharks.”

The captain noticed the human would not move, the smile fading as not even a word was uttered beyond the chattering teeth. The Sand Devil then raised his hand from the shoulder to see the man run to go gather the gear, the sick smile returning. He flicked his eyes over to his other men as he demanded, “Move and you will all be permanently demoted to shark bait…” They all froze in their tracks, not even daring to do their duties. This only made him smile more, the vibrations felt of the geared human attempting to flee in the water. The captain only seemed more sadistic as he waited for him to start swimming away a bit. He pulled his coat off and let the wind catch it a bit as it floated to the ground, his muscles flexing as he wore a set of black pants. His feet slid out of his modified shoes as he took a running start to the closest edge of the ship and leapt in. He soared through the water as he caught up to the human quickly, grasping him by his oxygen tank in his hand. The human yelped loud enough that the air escaped his mouth but he swiftly got it back in.

“Our friend and your reward is this way,” The Sand Devil began to drag the human backwards towards where Axel was swimming. There were many more than just the three ships Axel had sunk, it appeared that before Axel had arrived that the marines and pirates were sinking each other. In plain view was six pirate ships that had suffered and two marine vessels. There were some chests visible from their busted storages but only the pirates’ vessels seemed to hold the valuable shiny objects. The captain made sure to not release the human until he was in between himself and Axel.

In the distance, both sharks would feel the vibrations of an oncoming being. It was swimming and certainly fast enough to be a fishman. The being stopped as soon as it could see the dot which was the marine captain, though it saw Axel and most definite he could see her clearly. The spines of the porcupine puffer stuck up as she gazed at the situation, she moved lower to the ocean floor to distance herself from the eyesight of the males.

She was adjusting the sails as she held the ropes feeling the wind as it blew, controlling the speed of the ship. She then felt the ship shoot forward as wrapped her arms in the ropes to keep from getting knocked over. She was jerked and she held the rope tight to keep on her feet. Once the ship slowed and Axel hopped onto the deck she twisted and was still twisted up in the ropes and holding them now leaning against the mast wearing next to nothing and it didn’t seem to bother her. She closed her eyes sighing. “Alright well that’s one way to do it.” Turning and looking to the marines she undid her arms. The rope having left deep red marks on her arms. Walking to the side of the ship she kicked her legs over swaying them and smiling watching the marines. Turning her head to Axel. “If you find anything that might interest me let me know I would love to get it.” She then watched him hop out into the water and sighed. She saw how the captain looked at her and shook her head. She smiled at the marines and lifted her hand waving her fingers at them.

Axel didn’t really care about the human so he didn’t pay him any mind as he dove down and began picking up he chests and swimming them back up one at a time throwing one on his ship and another on the marine ship making sure the one with the weird fruit landed on his boat. He figured his fellow fishman would point this out a potential reward for his human but he doubted the human would take something from him which made him smirk. He finished doing this before he swam back to the bottom and began to search for any weapons that may have been inside the pirate ships that could possibly be worth something. He then turned to his fellow Shark man before he pointed at the two marine ships before pointing at the surface. He would go under the first one and with most of his strength for once he pushed it to the surface and then swam it towards land where it could be repaired as it only had two holes in this one. He then went to the other and checked it over and easily swam through it checking it out but was shocked to find humans still alive so he swam quickly up into the air pocket” take a deep breath ill get you guys to the surface”. Axel would wrap an arm around all four before he spun around and shot out of the boat and back up to the surface leaning each of them over the side so they could be pulled on board by there fellow marines. He would then do the same to the other two pockets luckily finding three men alive in the next pocket and sadly only one in the last making sure no harm fell to any of them. He made sure they would all be fine back on the marine boat. He searched over it once again trying to make sure he didn’t miss anyone before he swam out and went back to the pirate ships and would slay any of them he found alive by breaking the ship where they found air and allowing water to fill it. He searched again for weapons and any supplies in the pirate ships hoping to find something good for his hard work. He would feel the vibrations in the water he spun on the spot and shot down to the surface trying to get to her before the sand devil as he should be able to out swim because of sleek skin cutting the water like a knife. If he could reach her first he would point towards there home “I just freed two slaves one of them was born on the slave ship and doesn’t know the way, go help them and get out of these marine infested waters, there is a captain up there that’s a sand devil”.

The marines that remained on the ship were staring in wonder at the skypian. One of them finally got brave enough and moved to the edge of the ship and leaned to talk to her. He seemed to question what to say to her then finally blurted out, “How in the hell do you deal with sailing with a shark?” He crossed his arms and then the rest came over to hear the answer. “They are so intimidating with the sharp teeth and the sand paper flesh that can rip skin from bone. Not to mention they have a tendency to rip people apart for no reason.” He sighed and said, “We can’t take a step without fear of dying since he was promoted and placed in charge.”

“Yeah,” Another chimed in, “We’re even too afraid to take a s*** for fear if it lands on a fish he’ll skin us alive.”

Then the crew waited in silence for her answer, not knowing beneath them that their other crew mate was frozen in fear and unwilling to take anything from any of the treasure. The Sand Devil made sure to attempt to keep an eye on him while seeing that his newfound friend wanted to raise the ships. While Axel went to the one, he went to the other and gently tugged on it to find it was stuck. He had seen Axel go in and begin to pull out men. He kept tugging on the ship to figure out which way it was to free it.

The men that were placed out on land in the ship with a hole felt safer as the ship drained. They didn’t get to see their hero but they were certainly thankful. While the others were slightly frantic as they were pulled from their ship, they were also thankful despite the needs to hold their breaths. Some of the marines on the ship came to the aide of their nearly drowned comrades with or without their answer. They got immediately to helping these comrades by getting towels and first aid.

Back below in the water, the Sand Devil finally found which way to tug the boat to get it unjammed from the bottom. He’d felt the vibrations of the other fish in the water and peered to see Axel heading towards it. He ignored this for now and got the boat up and onto the surface, rotating himself to place his feet against the bottom and looked up at the nearest hole that was draining. He located it and smirked, scooting his one leg forward on the boat. He placed one of his hands forward and the other in front of his chest, palms open and facing towards his head’s direction that was generally up to him. He felt the water as he focused and swiftly pulled his arms over his head as he clenched his fists, slamming them down onto the boat without harming it. The strike, instead, seemed to dry the wood as the water within the boat shot out of the holes. Then he sighed as the boat floated on its own merit then and pushed off of it gently.

It was then that he turned his attention to heading towards Axel and Heiwa, her being shocked when Axel approached but not actually outwardly reacting to such. She heard his words and nodded before saying, “I was instructed to hand these out at the meeting.” She pulled out a little pouch, similar to the one she had her snail in and placed it in the water in front of him. “If you need help, you know where to find us,” She then took his heed and took off as fast as she could in a circular path to attempt to avoid the captain of the marine vessel but they made eye contact as they passed one another. Strangely enough, he just let her swim on. This confused her but she swam quickly.

The Sand Devil went up to Axel and said, “I see you scared off a pirate… Seems a different story from you tearing apart the ones earlier. I’ve seen the mark through your shirt. I hold nothing against that particular grouping.” He looked back where Heiwa was swimming and voiced out, “They are more freedom fighter than pirates.” He looked back to the boats and saw the human they’d brought down was swimming back up empty handed. He sighed and said, “My crew is a bunch of worthless cowards…” An extra amount of bubbles left his mouth as he put emphasis on the word ‘cowards’. He started to swim back towards them and waved for Axel to come with to swim and talk. “I take fun in teasing them, hoping it will make them stand up to me,” He sounded exasperated, “Yet nothing has happened yet.”

She chuckled watching the chests land on the ship and smiled looking back at them tell she heard the one marine call out a greeting though he seemed shy about it and chuckled waving back to them. Hearing their questions and statements she had never thought about his teeth or his skin or what it could do. It didn’t phase her they had to work together they were a team of sorts. She puzzled over this as she watched the two work and the ships get moved from below. Looking back up to the marines that she had seemingly ignored tell this point. “Well I guess I never really thought about him eating me… well maybe once..” She teased still kicking her legs. “But the rest I don’t worry about its better to have more people on a ship working. I’m not scared of him though you all think I should be. Maybe if you quit worrying about what he will do and more about the job and making sure the ship runs smoothly it wouldn’t be a problem.. Oh and as for him baring down on you… Maybe you should try snap back and tell him how you feel… I mean aren’t you marines hunters of pirates protectors of the sea? The way I see it you shouldn’t be scared of anything. You even seem scared to talk to a girl.” She teased again crossing her legs. “If this is marines then I’m not sure I feel safe out on the waters… Well Axel makes me feel safe out here.” She leaned forward letting them get a better view of her already fairly exposed body. “And anyways I’m not scared of anything. I have a task to do and I will do whatever it takes even fight with a fishman if I must. If I die at least it should be honorably doing something that matters with my life. Can you all say the same?” She asked and then hopped up in a crouch and flipped back onto the ship landing on a chest and held her arms out then bowed and stepped off the chest her wings keeping her from dropping it was almost like she floated and then turned walking to her coat and picked it up and folded her wings behind her as they disappeared and she pulled her coat back on.

Axel once got all of the simple chests to the surface from the ships being going back for supplies this all was going to his ship. He The would give down finding on four ships weapons worth keeping he would sort through these later he placed them all in a barrel and swam them all to the surface placing them in separate based on swords, rifles etc. He would then dive back down to each of the captains cabins finding two chests full of jewels one with a huge gauntlet and two empty chests but they seemed smaller on the inside then they should be. He takes all of this to the surface and takes the them all to his cabin. He would then turn back to the chests he found earlier finally noticing the fruit and realizing what it could be he held it up far enough for the Sank devil shark to see it along with all the marines. He was in all of this items above all others though he could not eat this as he had hopes for another that he once heard the rumor of and this did not fit its example. He would hold it out to his crew member “if you want the power to possibly find your item and fight with me as an equal this is your best chance as I can not risk eating a devil fruit this early into our venture”. He wanted to see the power of this if it was what he thought it to be. He held onto it for now if she did not take it right away” come to me when you decide its worth using”. He would begin to steer the boat out into open water away from the marines “I wish you luck my brother with your crew and your venture. He made sure they sails were correct to catch great speed and left the bird in charge. He would then head down into his cabin and begin to examine the gauntlet being such a big fishman still bothered him that this made him feel like a midget. He expected not even boss Jimbei could have used this maybe the late king. He then began to examine the weird chests opening them finally he screamed at the top of his huge lungs. He couldn’t believe those f***ing pirates had these two flags one the flag of red hair shanks and the other the flag of the straw hats. He began to cry seeing them he hadn’t cried since he was a child alone. He laid his head on the table letting the tears then he jerked up finding the snail”Unmute, I Axel new member of the Neo Sun pirates Have found a treasure that is priceless to us all, I have the King and Red Hair shank’s flag, I repeat I have the Kings and Red Hair shank’s flag”. He would sit down and wait for instructions as every sun pirate in the world would have heard that broadcast and there allies.

The crew began to feel horrible about the way one lone girl could stand up to a shark where a bunch of men couldn’t. They began going about their duties more firmly, seemingly her words had not effected them. They focused on helping the nearly drowned comrades by drying them, giving fresh clothes, and even by trying to check for water in the lungs with a ship’s doctor’s help. They were determined.

The Sand Devil grabbed the one human still in the water and shot out of the water, landing with the human safely on the deck. He then let him go get changed and looked around to find his crew was not trembling in his presence, at least they weren’t just freezing in fear. He looked over at the ship next to him and smirked at the bird. He then realized, she was putting clothes on, which meant she’d been nude and her men didn’t attempt to take advantage of her. He was proud of that. Then he saw the devil fruit raised by Axel and he tensed up. He was hoping he wouldn’t take it just because it promised him power.

He and his crew froe when he offered the fruit to her. The captain smiled a very toothy smile as he watched this. He watched as they were going to head out and heard Axel. He called back to him, “I hope we cross paths again on similar terms. Thank you for saving some of my men and for ridding us of those pirates. Good luck where-ever you go.” He had a large smile and then turned to his men. “SET SAIL! Head to port to restock and patch up! Place the wounded lined up on deck!” He would be out of sight and earshot as the two sailed in opposing directions.

When Axel would broadcast over the snail, the first reaction was silence. Then Mihawk’s voice came through, “Don’t ever let go of those.”

“Like he said,” Mako’s voice echoed after his then the sound of a cannon. “C***.” It seemed like she had meant to mute but instead more firing was heard through her end and her yelling, “TELL ME WHEN WE’RE IN A F***ING FIGHT! ILL GO SINK THEIR A**ES!”

“Mako,” Mihawk spoke through again.

“S***,” Mako said then the sounds from her end muted.

Truble decided to clarify the situation, “Marine ship, perfectly under control.”

A very deep voice came through, it was Mako’s gunner, “Axel, if you ever lose those, we’ll kill you.”

“Shut up, Haiboku,” Heiwa’s voice came through. “Axel, I got Samuel up to the other he seemed to be trying to follow. I am coming back to your position, I must see this and I won’t touch it.” Her end muted.

Then a haunting female voice rang through, “Ki shi… What a lucky little fishy.” The voice seemed to be giggling, “They’re right you know, you’d have several crews coming to kill you if you lose them. And still some that may be coming to do so now… HEY BUNNY BOY! RABBITS CAN’T EAT A FISH!”

“F*** off Bats…” A somewhat high male voice patched through. “I want them, yeah, but I would think he’d be in more trouble if he was IN the grand line. Our only way out and in is currently who knows where and we have no links of communication.”

“YO HO HO HO!” A laugh chimed through on the frequency and continued, “You children should back off. He may have my captain’s flag but if you target him, I will cut you down myself!” There was silence for a moment before he said, “Oh and Tanakami~! I am coming back for more boobies!”

“If you didn’t, I’d be upset,” The creepy female responded.

"I don’t think you have the right to hold either of those,” A rough voice patched through, “One of us four should have them since we are the unspoken Yonko.”

The next voice could not be placed and was obviously gargled, “That boy has more right than you, Kid.”

“The Undead have spoken,” Mihawk stated then continued, “I will be following your ship. It will need a distant eye on it.”

“That’s not needed,” Heiwa spoke up again, a splash heard as she came out of the water near the ship then swam over to the edge, “I think he’s far capable of taking care of himself.”

The smooth male voice of Onotameni spoke through as he said, “Because he is a fishman.”

“No,” Heiwa pulled herself on board and started to ring out her skirt, pretty much showing everything off. “Because he was one of us, and he still is a pirate. He is a good one. Also, if anyone notices directly that one of the ones currently deemed the most powerful is seen following his ship, they will assume he has something of value. This will not just get him killed, but if that Fleet Admiral sees you then we will all be compromised.”

“This is why you are the brains on her crew,” Mihawk commented.

There were mutters of agreeing and a few of the members protesting. Heiwa then said, “Mute.” Then she looked to the bird and said, “What’s the difference in time between when you guys parted from those marines?” It was clear she was hoping they weren’t being followed by the Sand Devil, which they weren’t.

She looked back as the crew seemed to ignore their captain and just kept working she smiled glad to see that they had learned to grab their nuts and stop living in fear of what could happen and live for what is happening. Hearing the scream then the tears she stopped just above deck at the top of the stairs. She closed her eyes and nodded almost understanding that something of personal value to him had been found and turned walking away. When he came back above deck she looked at him then the fruit he bore and handed it to her she thought about it and she didn’t want power. Though she stared at the fruit and blinked a few times and tossed it into the air catching it and thought. Then looked back in the direction of the Marines and opened her wings letting the wind blow through her feathers then folded them back the coat falling back around her and she sighed. “They are trailing away at about 20 knots we have about a half hour lead time on them at current speeds of both ships…” she then turned from the fish she seemed to have a concerned look on her face as she was heading towards the stairs leading below deck. “I’m heading below deck to leave you two to your business….” She then stopped her head the only thing sticking above deck now. “Captain thanks for everything….” Her head then disappeared below deck and she headed to an available bunk avoiding where it seemed Axels bed was and took a seat and held the fruit in both hands staring at it as she puzzled over what he said and closed her eyes. “Captain my captain.” She whispered and lifted the fruit to her lips and bit into it and started to devour it quickly holding her breath to swallow it down to avoid dealing with the taste for as long as possible she even forced herself to eat the stim.

Axel holding the snail spoke” for those who would challenge my claim to these items come and find me, for those who wish me to keep them save I will do so till my dying breath. I one day will return this flag to you Soul king” He would bring his fellow sun pirate down to examine the flags that he newly acquired before they walked back to the deck and he began to search through the chests pulling out all of the ingots and putting them all in one chest He would then sort out the jewelry and rare jewels and sort them into two chests. He looked at the hoof looking disgusted and threw over board not knowing what sick twisted b****** would keep it as a trophy. Axel laid out each of the armors easily seeing none of them were his size not that it really mattered as his skin was probably stronger then most of this. He found the real treasure at the bottom which was white beards jacket and once he saw it he closed the chest and then went and stacked all of the chest in the hold with that one on the bottom making sure that the chest with the giant gauntlet was on top of that chest and then stacked the others with all the jewels on top. He didn’t care if his crew mate found the jacket but he couldn’t let anyone else find it till he reached Marineford. He would not tarnish the name of the hero of the fishmen who once brought peace to there island. He went picked an orange from his tree and slowly ate it while he sat down looking up at the sky and simply let the boat coast along for now as they were in calm waters. He looked to his fellow fishman”what should I do”this was all he could think to ask as he stared at the sky wondering where there venture would go next.

Heiwa nodded to the bird and did some minor calculations in her head. She then followed Axel and examined the flags. Sure enough it really was them, she smiled as he spoke through the com and was proud of him to still consider himself one of them. She followed him as he checked out the other chests. Her spines puffed up a bit and her eyes widened when she caught a glimpse of the jacket. Her eyes trailed as he stacked the other chests on top of it and then followed him back out onto the deck. She crossed her arms under her breasts and closed her eyes as he sat down. Then she heard him speak to her, her eyes opening to glance at him in deep thought. “Well,” Heiwa started, “Perhaps try to get stronger.” She offered him a polite smile and said, “You’re already strong for a shark. I could always raise it with toxin immunity since I am pokey and deadly and then we could have better tactics in combat.” She was thinking strategically. “Or get Mihawk to do some training with you. Or one of the others, preferably ones that seem to like you.” She was almost thinking out loud. She then looked up at the storm they were sailing towards, soft droplets beginning to fall as they got closer to the storm.

This was when he got to see her do something she’d not done in front of him before. She looked up and let the rain fall on her face, her taking a deep breath to puff her back and chest spines out and then lightly for all of her spines. The drops ran down her body like a klinko machine as they weaved between her spines. Once she’d felt the cool drips for a little amount of time, she released the breath and trapped some of the water against her scales. She then said, “Perhaps… get each of the crew to come for personalized training for you and your bird friend.”

Axel felt the rain running over his flesh and its sweet smell was smooth and crisp and a smile came to him as he wished for this to be the smell of the surface at all times. Axel walked up and steered the ship carefully through the water knowing what it would mean as they waited to long to change direction so he went in the thunder and lightening chopping up the water and the waves crashing at the ship tried to pull the wheel from his strong grasp but his power would not allow for this. He thought on growing powerful so he would need those who could stand with him which means he needs all parts of a crew only one warrior could he fill the position of. He could be a warrior with his fists but with a weapon he was no good. He would require training if he wanted to go any weapon or just use his fish man abilities. He wondered if she ate the fruit or not down there but this was her time to decide and h wouldn’t invade as it my force her to decide on either way. He also had more to discuss with his fellow fishman” who are the undead Heiwa”?

Heiwa stood and enjoyed the rocking of the boat and the rain on her flesh. She appeared to be enthralled in the sounds of thunder and lightning echoed in her eyes as she watched the direction they were going. Her head fins wiggled a little, her turning her head to Axel as he guided the vessel and seemed shocked at his sudden question. She looked back out at the sea and pondered how best to answer. She took a deep breath and let her spines resettle and trapped more water against herself. “I really don’t know,” Heiwa answered.

She reached into her skirt and pulled out a notepad encased in a plastic sheath. She opened it up and a pen fell out of it as she let the rain hit the dried inks that seemed to not be water based. “I have taken notes to attempt to guess the identities of the four undead,” Heiwa showed him the paper. “All I have on it is that across the com, they all sound the same so I have attempted to analyze the personalities. They seem to be from the same place or at least it seems they communicate through the same snail.”

On the paper was written, “Seems impatient. Constantly seems to want to come from hiding. Voice seems to emit both masculine and possibly feminine tendencies. Extremely proud, evident through impatience. All seem to want to reveal, Mihawk always insists not safe. What does he know of them?”

Heiwa would hold it so that he could read it. “This is literally all I have on them. Though I forgot to write down their interest in those flags and allowing you to possess them. Yet the only thing they know is that you are one of us and they refused a stronger power to let you keep them.” She sighed, “So much faith in so short of time is either hope or desperation. Especially since they even let Darcel as one of the powers when all he is doing is attempting to replicate a former captain. Even when Truble tried to revive the Whitebeard Pirates, he wasn’t trying to emulate him despite finding and nearly dying to attain the Gura Gura No Mi. He was trying for both fruits present but he’s the only one of the powers that has fought the Fleet Admiral before he was at full power.” She shook her head. “Some of their decisions are questionable but it seems Mihawk has full and total trust in them.” She folded her arms and looked back at the pad, picking up the pen and jotting down her last thoughts on them.

They would here the snail utter out Truble’s voice, “Fleet Admiral found, made Mako and my crew retreat. I will face this b******.”

“Stand down,” Mihawk’s voice came through. “Just because you have a vendetta doesn’t mean you have to face him.”

“Mako’s down,” Truble’s voice traveled through. “It’s not just a vendetta.”

One of the gargled voices patched through, “Live to fight another day. You are important to our fight against them.”

There was silence then a slight crunch noise before the snails announced, “Contact lost.”

Heiwa clenched her fist and said, “He’s so stubborn…”

Axel listened to her answer even though it was rather useless to him as he didn’t know these people personally enough to know there habits. He then heard the conversation of the man about to take on the big boss so he turned to Heiwa”go now, I can take care of us”. He decided to turn and headed for shells town which he knew would take some time but he could cut it soon enough. He turned and headed soon out of the storm into calm waters this was when the storm no longer filled his senses and he could smell the blood. He tied the wheel to keep going strait while he walked down smelling it the closer he got the more dilated his eyes became. He opened the door to her her room and shook his head. He had promised her death but at the hands of the marines not a fruit which made him wonder if that sand devil had known about the fruit as he had an on edge look about him till he handed the fruit to the girl. He scooped up the body and then grabbed her weaver putting her in it and pushed it away from the boat before he grabbed a match he found in the kitchen and threw it at some parchment he stuffed the ship full of and it went up in flames instantly her flames quickly went up in flames and for a short time she looked like a burning goddess of judgement with her tears of blood passing judgement on his soul. He punched the water and a wave pushed her out further into the sea towards the storm and as she reached it rain a bolt of lightening spiked through the girl and the boat leaving her to begin sinking. He turned away and went back to clean the blood away before he returned to the wheel and silently had the ship flow into shell town. He gathered up his chests all but the flags and the jacket and headed into port with them all stacked up and he stepped off his small boat and into town. He knew this was a marine town so he should catch a good price for all of this. He was finished with his sales by the time the night fell on the island so he want back to his ship and slept under the stars.

Heiwa looked to Axel when he asked her to go and nodded as she said, “Be careful…” She leapt into the water and swam at her top speeds to try and get there swiftly.

Shaken EarthEdit

While Axel was sleeping during the night, one of the marines from the town decided to sit near the ship since there was a sleeping shark alone there. He didn’t ask permission and was a couple feet away from him to make sure he was safe. This marine wore a jacket of high ranking and his pink hair flowed in the wind. He pushed up his glasses and would stay for a little.

This would be when the tremors reached them, the sounds of people waking up screaming and the unprepared buildings falling while some stayed stable. The ship rocked like mad and felt like it could tumble there at the dock. People began to panic and try to get to high ground. The marine on Axel’s ship took off into the town and yelled, “Everyone! Into the Marine base! It is stable! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! Their Vice Admiral commands it!” People began fleeing into the marine base while he stood strong. Some of the other fishmen that had been visiting were freaked out by the earth shaking and either leapt into the water or went to the marine base. There were even merfolk there and young’uns of both kinds.

Axel laid unaware of the marine so close to him but when the tremors reached him he shot up and out of the ship instantly running below to secure his chests and barrels. He then ran back up planning to head out to sea but he saw building erupting so he felt he would be more help here. He leaped off the boat and started helping people into the marine base at a couple times he was holding up a building for people to pass under which left him weak by the time he made sure everyone that could have been saved was secure. He looked out and saw his ship was undisturbed which he thanked his lucky star for this. he was unsure if it would remain safe but those chests were meant to last and they lasted a war and cannon fuatter they will survive this. He went inside seeing all the marines around him made him feel uneasy. He then realized while he was helping people to safety his shirt war ripped revealing his brand. He instantly began to walk backwards finding a wall between him and freedom and with the tremors would they notice a pirate among them.

Once all the people were safe, the marines turned their focus and blades towards Axel. Then their Vice Admiral stepped in and looked at the backed up shark and at his men and said, “Step aside.” The marines looked at the vice admiral and shook their heads. That was when he walked over to the shark and looked at the mark closer. He looked back at his men and said, “That’s not a pirate mark.”

“B-but the neo sun pirates!” One of them stuttered out.

“They are only pirates by name, not by any other means,” The Vice Admiral lectured them and said, “Go learn your history while we wait this out.” The building could be felt shaking but its structural integrity seemed enough for now. The Vice Admiral watched as the men either ignored it or went to go look things up then turned his head to the shark. “You are safe here,” He stated and then placed out his hand and said, “My name is Coby. I am the Vice Admiral here and those were and are my idiots. They don’t like to learn about anything but their own histories and it makes them a little… How to put this… Ignorant? Yeah.”

Axel eyes stilted and for the first time since entering the east blue he rose to stand at this full height instead of his normal slunchd over posture. He would reach out to shake the marines hand but if the man was dumb enough he would test the males strength by squeezing with all of his”The king will rise again kin slayer, I honor the king with these words and by this passage I name myself pirate”. If he was not dead by this point he would release the man and turn and walk from the shaking building. He would turn back to the pink haired male”I read the stories of the one who saved you from Alvida”. He would walk farther up the walk before he turned once more” Does Garp still look on you as one of his sons”. He would run and dive into the tremors water till he reached his ship and would set sail even in the forces that they were under he would not risk staying here. He would take his chances and head for the next island having to strong arm the wheel to keep it going strait.

Coby felt Axel’s strength and was able to hold back at a matching strength with seemingly no problem. He listened to what Axel had to say and he lost his warm smile, a deep wave of regret releasing from its pent up dam. When Axel released his hand, he released as well and his eyes were dark as they filled with his self-hate. His very being seemed to turn from that of a proud Vice Admiral to a man scorned by his own vices. Before Axel could run, when he felt the sting of being accused of breaking what he meant to Garp, he spoke out, “I could have never been but I tried my hardest… I shouldn’t have done what I did…” When the shark began to run, Coby called out to him in an angered tone, “You don’t understand the choice that had to be made. I had to choose between two that I considered family. One brought life and a chance for change where the other would have brought death to millions more. I don’t kill pirates here. I offer them reprieve where other marines would follow the kill on sight. The sun pirates are nearly always protected because of the mark’s history but others have no chance and I give them one.” He watched as the shark got closer to the water and his voice rose, “I KNOW THE KING STILL LIVES! HE LIVES AS LONG AS A SINGLE PIECE OF HIM REMAINS!” He then returned inside to continue running the grouping as he whispered to himself, “I didn’t want to kill him…” He should have killed Axel or at least went after him, but he was tired of injury and bloodshed. He was also tired of hospitality being spat upon. He was not going to kill another pirate, despite the laws, ever again.

Axel would hear Mihawk over his snail and say, “Axel, you’re as bad as Mako when it comes to muting your snail.” “KISHI~! DO IT AGAIN~!” Tanakami was squealing with excitement on her end. “C***! Brook, get off my wing, that hurts~!”  ”Sorry!” “Heiwa, status,” Mihawk asked. “Shut it right n-“ She appeared to have muted her snail before finishing her sentence though the sound of water rushing around her and splashing could be heard. “I think she’s drowning them,” Kid put in his input. A very angry voice of Mako’s gunner chimed up, “Go f*** yourself.” “Shut up, sushi,” was the rebuttal. “Both of you calm down,” Darcel spoke. “You can shut up too, rabbit stew.” “Act your ages,” Mihawk spoke again, “If you can’t at least do that then the best you can do is leave and cower on your own.” Mako’s snail was unmuted but a smooth male voice came through of Truble’s gunner, “Since Heiwa can’t give you the fyi since she ain’t here, Mako’s doing alright. Heiwa went after our captain. I think I can see her on the way back and no one is drownin no one. Kid, put up or shut up. We’re all after the same thing and if you can’t play nice on the team, I am sure that Mihawk will put you in your place in two seconds or less.” After that snail was muted, Mihawk said, “Axel, do your best. We are here if you need us.”

Axel knew his words would dig deep and that was there intent could such a simple thing bring such a power to its knees. He shook his head thinking this is what they feared, such cowards were not to be respected but to be walked upon and forgotten. He would have respected the man if he had hit Axel but no he simply let him walk away. He steered the ship through the sea hoping he could get some breathing room. He listened to what was being said before he spoke” Before my dying day I will stand as one of the four, those who holds these spots stand tall for your what I see as my greatest challenge, Those who hide in the shadows known as the undead, you are the ones who could destroy these four without blinking, you are the ones that make my soul burn as a pirate. I am going to rule this land and make it so those who call themselves the law will stand trial while we pass judgement on there treason to morality,, Mute”. He tucked the snail away and sighed as the storm hit the boat he used his adrenalin fulled anger to pull it strong he almost heard the wood begin to splinter at the waves strength. He hoped to make land before day break but he was unsure so he would rise it out till he reached the shore of the next island there he will make his next decisions.

The other end of the snails went silent for a couple of hours. Sometime, when Axel was in the middle of the storm. He would hear an unfamiliar male voice sound through the snail. “Sometimes, the young are the ones who destroy what is in the future. Other times, they are the ones that save it. Without the marines, a pirate’s life is menial. Without pirates, no one needs marines for protection say for the common bandits and petty thieves.” The voice paused and then said, “We all hide, because we are needed. Soon, we will not need to. Your challenge is accepted.” There was silence for ten minutes before Mihawk spoke up, “The undead have spoken.” The next message over the snails was from a very weak sounding Mako, “That… was a first…” A cough came through next and the sounds of people trying to keep her down but it seemed she was struggling. “BACK THE F***,” She coughed in the middle of her statement, “OFF!” It was clear that she was irritated. She then spoke again, “Axel… We’re proud of you… And Heiwa… We know you took off… Thanks for saving Truble… And for volunteering… to help Axel…” She took a deep gargled breath and said, “Mihawk… Stats on the Fleet Admiral… He’s f***ing powerful… He’s taken the Yami Yami No Mi to a level beyond its previous user… He also has two other powers… The one… I don’t exactly understand… When Truble saw me go down… Before I blacked out… I could have sworn… He got stronger…” She took a stop to breath, “And he has a zoan… I… Have no clue what… The hell… It is… It’s like… A wolf with the… claws of a reptile… And wings… Teeth sharper than a shark’s and the jaw strength… Of an angry crocodile… Even with Haki… He snapped my arm in half…” She stopped talking and from the lack of breathing sounds, it was clear she had muted. “That’s because you’re worthless,” It was Kid again, putting in his input. His voice was more sour, as if he himself was blaming the newer generation for the abomination in the marines. “Why didn’t you use that karate?” “I did… a**hole,” She spoke back and said, “And…” “And what?!” Kid sounded like he was yelling at her, “If it almost got you killed, then it’s no good.” “It did… Some damage…” Mako sounded like she was growling through but was then coughing up a storm. The snail was taken from her and Truble’s doctor spoke, his voice could haunt and chill to the very core of any being’s bones, “Kid, you are stressing out an emergency care patient… I cannot allow this. Mute your snail and sulk on your own. This information is vital so allow the adults to talk.” “I’m older than you,” Kid sounded back. “Kid, shut the f*** up,” Tanakami sounded pissed, “You’re ruining the good mood. You also ruined round nine with your whiney a** voice.” “Tanakami,” Mihawk didn’t need to say more for her to back out of the conversation. “Kid, back down.” The garbled voice of the undead came through, “You will be removed from us if you dare keep talking back.” “Am I late?” The voice of Buggy sounded through, it was distraught and seemed like he had been through hell and back as well. “You’re finally connected,” Mihawk almost sounded relieved. “How are your marine connections?” “Not good,” He admitted. “From the news I have received, Jango is dead. They know what I look like currently at the Reverse Mountain so I am stuck in the Grand Line until I change appearance and alibies. I called Helmeppo, he cannot speak to me until I change alibies. I recently called Coby and he seemed really… Not himself. He threatened to track me down and eliminate me. I believe something made him snap. He is no longer a safe contact. In his rantings, I heard him say something about wanting to be killing a shark?” He was silent a moment, “Said he was sending a couple fleets after someone and said I would be next. I left that snail out in open waters. He can’t track us. Mako’s, um… Doctor gave me this snail. For a fish, she’s very cute.” There was giggling heard from another part of the connection that could only have been assumed to be the doctor. Then the undead spoke again, “Glad you made it, Buggy. But all of this information is highly distressing and will put a lot of strain on what we stand for.” The lines went silent again.

Axel heard everything being said and couldn’t bring himself to speak again as he began to feel the weight of his actions. He needed strength and was unsure of where to find it”unmute, I will be making my way to the next island in the line so that I can hide my ships and the flags and whitebeards jacket”. he let that last item slide from the tip of his tongue” I am unaware of it being removed from its resting place of the grave site so this could be a fake but Heiwa so it, I need to hide these items where the marines will not find them so I will be taking them to this island and digging a massive hole and burying them deep till I can return for them, I will be traveling by swimming from now on and I will take my chances with the sea kings then the marines and enter the calm belt where I can swim but there ships can not follow, I will not bring this plague to my home so I will need another place to roam hopefully this will lead to me gaining power”. He was hoping his little boat could get him there soon enough before they caught up. He knew the jacket he had wasn’t fake the damage was to perfect and the blood just seemed to old to be that of a replica. He sailed untill he made land running with the three chests he ran and and he ran hard till he reached an area of the island so thick with threes that even a small human would have trouble entering so he ripped up one of the trees and then began to dig deeper under it till he was sure it was deep enough and buried his treasure opening each to take one last look at before he made sure they were all secure to fight off any erosion as these chests were meant to last generations under worse conditions. He then covered it in dirt and then forced the tree back in position. he made it looked similar to the others but he drew a hat on the tree and under it he scratched M.D.L and ran from the area. He went back to the dock and once he got his fruit and supplies of the ship smashed it to pieces and then began throwing the pieces out to sea. He took his supplies to the other side of the island from where he buried his treasure and found a clearing where he could eat some of his fruit and dry meat. He was starving after all of this stress, he needed rest so after his meal he laid down flat. He made sure if you were coming from that direction that you wouldn’t be able to see him because of the tall grass. He was unsure of the other direction but it seemed mostly forest so he doubted someone coming from there.

Mihawk spoke words to Axel after he said about the jacket, “Make certain they are never truly lost. Communications silent for now. Only direct contact lines until Axel assures his end is safe.”

The communication was silent for a while and when Axel was eating, he got a direct communication. It was the voice from before that was one of the undead. “Axel,” The voice spoke, “Those had better be hidden well. You’d also better remember how to find it. You will be assured a bloody death if you don’t make sure you can retrace your steps.” He took a breath and said, “You getting stronger will be very important and I think you should train with Mihawk, Mako, Truble, Darcel, Buggy, Brook, Crocodile if you can find him, Tanakami, and then maybe I will have a drink with you. We can train after that. I would suggest you find Crocodile first. All we know is that he is in Alabasta. If you can’t then go to Buggy first, he shouldn’t be too far into the grand line. Once you train with one, then go to the other. Then get back in contact with me.” The direct line was cut off before there was a response.

Someone was moving out into the open area, presumably from the town nearby. The male saw the shark in what he typically used as a training ground and called out, “You, state your reason for being here.” He had a sword at his side and one of his hands were firmly on it. He seemed close to drawing his blade at any second should the shark advance or speak ill. His mind was racing on what he was doing and didn’t know if this was friend or foe. Though he was just eating, it seemed but he would not take a chance.

Axel was in the middle of eating a large leg of chicken when he looked over and saw the male so Axel sighed shaking his head at the male wondering why his luck was horrid this evening. He turned and rose to his feet before walking towards him” you will leave here and tell no one of seeing me and by morning I will be gone and nothing will be out of place, I have came to this island for sanctuary while I plan my next step to get past the marines and into the grandline. Axel put his right hand behind his back and decided to use that ability that he had been keeping to himself if this human decided to cause problem. Axel began to move his fingers to his palm and then stretching them out then moving them back in as he pulled the liquid out of the air. He then dipped the tips of his fingers in the water puddle that was pooling into his palm. His sand paper like skin made the water droplets stick to his skin so his attack was prepared and at this distance it would be hard to block unless this male was super fast.

“I will not leave my training grounds when there is a stranger in the lands,” He did remove his hand from his blade as a sign of good faith as it seemed he felt the words were true. He stared right into the fishman’s eyes, seeming to connect to something he said and proceeded to comment, “I understand your need for sanctuary to a point. Still, I do not see the full reason.” He crossed his arms over his chest and glanced upon him. His own experiences led him here once himself, seeking sanctuary for a crime he hadn’t committed and built a new life here dedicated to his swordsmanship. He still spoke on what urked on his mind, “What is your reason for getting past them? You do not look like a pirate.”

He took a step forward and examined the shark further, his mind urging him to be cautious. He thought of him just as another fishman but the thrill of being near a shark was all too enticing. He wanted to touch the magnificent being and see what the flesh of a real predator truly felt like. He wanted to fight, but his urge to keep the peace was stronger. He flicked his eyes around to make sure there was none around before attempting to get closer, this time with no words to hide his movement.

Axel saw the man loosening his grip on his blade so Axel in turn let both hinds fall to his sides” I am hunted by the marines for being what I am, I am a pirate of the sun pirates, a group of fishman who stand up against the oppression that the fleet admiral has forced upon us since the death of the king. I plan to evade the marines and head into the desert country in search of the one known as crocdile so I can begin to learn how to beat his yami yami no me, which is a devil fruit that uses darkness”. He watched as the male got closer but he would stand his ground” I am hunted by a vice admiral for he helped slay the king after the king justly saved him. I hunted because I spoke of this truth and upset his brittle little feelings it seems”. He noticed him get even closer so he bared his teeth” any closer and I will take it as you readying yourself for death as I will all but need to stretch out and break your neck, for I have few allies but many enemies and you have not proved yourself an ally so till this time comes to pass you are but my enemy”.

The swordsman took his words and let them fall upon his ears, siphoning every bit of the information. He was unfamiliar with the sun pirates, only knowing that Fishmen and Merfolk visited every now and again to this place. Despite the knowledge now of this man’s piracy, it did not bother him. Anyone who’d act out with a displeasing nature to a marine officer could be marked as a pirate. He spoke of the devil fruits and learning to fight them which intrigued him. Then the barred teeth and he raised his hands to the air in submission as he took a step back. “Please excuse my curiosities,” The male spoke with diction to Axel, “I have never seen a shark of a fish man before and your skin had me curious. I was always told the skin of a shark is like sand. I will assure you I meant no danger to the king of all predators.” He lowered his hands then and thought for a mere moment.

The swordsman lowered his eyes for only a split second before he gazed back to the sharks, blurting out, “Why not stay in town?” He would not wait for the man to respond, “You may stay in my home unless you trust out here more than that of a helpful serf?” He was attempting to appeal to the animalistic side, attempting to show the shark he was dominant. If this was not appealing, he’d leave the shark to his doing. He even turned his back to the shark, showing trust as he took a step away. He would either lead him home or walk alone.

Axel looked to the male who began moving away but this was not one he knew so should he accept the offer of not sleeping in this field. Axel sighed and staying to his full size he walked following the boy he soon noticed as he moved this island like many others was not intact after the any tremors. Axel had to dodge craters and fissures as he moved closer to the center of the island. Axel finding the mans home he thought it simple though it could be beyond riches compared to the others of this island. He stepped under the door frame to enter now having to walk slunched over so as not to punch a hole through its ceiling. He looked around the small home” what is it that you cherish swordsman or is it just this humble island that your are d***ed to exist upon”.

The swordsman kept his blade upon him and carefully moved to offer him a seat on the couch while he prepared the guest room. As he bustled he heard the question and thought to pause. He wanted to blurt out the very first answer in his mind but it wouldn’t be correct, that issue had long been dealt with. Then the second in his head he knew would simply come off as perverse, but who doesn’t want to pet a shark? He then focused and thought about what he really wanted and said, “Devine shark… There are two things I seek. These are what I exist upon and yet I may never get to see them at the same time but I will. The first, true freedom. One where a man no matter the species can walk freely without fear. The second peace, but not of the world. Of myself for things I have done or haven’t done. Things I have been blamed for that I know I did not do.” He clenched his fist and looked right at him, “I feel that your kind has more freedom than any human can grasp right now… You have an understanding king while we bathe in the innocent blood of a tyrant while the true government turns a blind eye…” He looked at the floor and said, “Perhaps… It was meant to be like this…” He shook his head. “But I do not want it to be.”

He looked up as the television forced itself on and the d***ed marine flag showed itself upon it. He sighed and went to sit on the ground, leaving the guest to sit more comfortably. The items of visual images throughout the world’s broadcasts would become interrupted, the marine symbol being showed as if there was a form of announcement. Then all of them would taste the sudden static as every sound and seeing devices were hacked. Those with a visual would see a man standing forefront and center to the screen, his muscles suggesting strength as he stood with others of strong appearance behind him. This man who took the front had marks of recent battle, cleaned up and left un-bandaged and unclothed. His top was bare, exposing a series of five nearly parallel marks upon his chest from his left shoulder that arced down around mid-chest to head south upon his form. He had another set of marks crossing on his right side and close to his six-pack of abs. He had three scratches running down through his forehead, a fourth joining on his nose until the tip whilst the other three crossed his mouth. His eyes despite the wound were fierce and filled with a confidence serving beyond pride. His lips were thin upon the strong jaw surrounding them, head held high upon a strengthened neck. Below this the clothing he bore was leather straps on his biceps, studded with steel raising an inch from him in the shape of crosses, six of them circling his arm in inch length and width with an inch between, measuring his arms’ thickness to be twelve inches around. On the edges of these straps was two small rounded studs to hold the leather edging together. Upon his hands were fingerless gloves whose lower ends were cuffed around the middle of his forearm, suggesting an extra four inches in length. His nails were thick but well kept, suggesting he was very healthy. Upon his waist was a studded leather pants held close to his form by a silver belt. The leather ran down his legs both tight and loose, hiding his muscular legs but showing their thickness. He then bore boots, those were unseen but assumed still to be of the same leather that lavishly adorned his body. His waves of red hair licked around his body until the blades of his shoulders. Behind this man stood a confused array of beings who appeared to be that of his crew, two men stood directly behind him to his right and left. The one to his right had a hat of black suede, encompassed with black leather as dressings. The bottom half of his face concealed by a bandana of similar materials, held firm upon his head by thick leather. In the dark that surrounded them, only some portions of flesh could be seen upon his chest, forearms, and his ears. Beyond these features it was muddled. The other man had a face fully exposed, though shadowed by the room with hints of blue attire draping him. Behind them were more figures of various gender and sizes but the one that stood directly behind the man at the forefront appeared to be the very essence of death itself. This was when the booming voice began to take hold as he would announce himself to the world, “To those who do not know me, I am Truble, captain of the Neo Whitebeard Pirates. To those who do, it may be a pleasure or a dismay for you to see me again.” His prideful stance did not waiver though blood slowly dripped from his wounds still and ran over his form. “What you all see upon me are the marks of the Fleet Admiral. I have lived twice now to his rampages and have come to stand and speak before the very world. He slaughtered many pirates, and the one we should not speak of I will speak of now. Monkey D. Luffy had been king not too long. Where do you think that precious treasure went? The One Piece is still out there and it calls to the pirates that will seek its power to name them the new king.” His posture became more dominant as the light began to be shown through a bit more, revealing all the faces of his eight crew members and himself. Those of knowledge would think his group a band of misfits by what would appear behind the two normal men. A tanned woman with clear robotics upon her form and integrated in various positions, a standing wolf with red war paint drawn from the scars hidden beneath his fur, a browned man with feathered wings for arms, a man with bat wings as long as his body, and a man with six wings tight to the back of his form. The light revealed the man behind Truble was in fact what appeared to be a living spectre, though his form was just an appearance no one would ever unsee. With this revealed, Truble said, “This is my crew! Shori!” The man in the hat tipped his hat a bit with his left hand and raised a pistol in the other. “Senpu!” The man in blue drew six swords between his fingers and held them to cross in front of his body. “Chamu!” The tanned woman with robotics clicked and her arms took the forms of blasters. “Itsudatsu!” The wolf bared its fangs and showed its two inch claws. “Okashidesu!” The male with wings for arms raised them and let out a quick loud squeal that if someone sat to close to the source of sound would make their ears bleed, the camera gaining a small crack in the top corner. “Kuru!” The man with bat wings revealed sharp fangs and opened up his wings with a hiss. “Bara!” The man with six wings opened them all and stared at the camera, cocking his head like a bird locking onto its prey. “Himeiwoageru!” The spectre seemed to weave its cleared black clothes around like smoke between its boney fingers and a staff of similar make was woven into its hands. “I caused the tremors that shook the earth!” He balled his hands into fists and slammed them straight out to the sides in one quick snap. The camera would see the bends in the air where he shook it apart and yet his men stood firm against his might, perhaps because he was not showing his full power. “All of you so called pirates, if you do not fear the Fleet Admiral, then throw off your binds! Come out and come to the grand line! Someone needs to be the king! Not of the land or of the sky… BUT OF PIRATES!” His crew shouted out a sharp sound together of, “YES!” “We will go after it! We expect the real pirates to do so to!” He pronounced it. “If not, I will be the king alone while the rest of you suffer under the tyranny of the marines! I AM NOT AFRAID OF DEATH BUT EMBRACE IT AS A TRUE PIRATE SHOULD! Live life to be free!” He glanced over to a small snail that belonged to Mako sitting on a table close to the camera and listening equipment. He then looked right back to the camera and said, “Make yourselves known!” He was silent for a moment but then Mako came out from behind the camera, her hair swaying as she walked and her beautiful orca flesh shining softly in the light. She took off her wraps from injuries and her beautiful webbed fingers brushed her hair back and let her eyes shimmer into the light. “I am Mako, captain of the Neo Sun Pirates! Your challenge is accepted!” She looked at him, her smile wrapped around two protruding lower teeth. Finally the snail passed through its first voice as Tanakami yelled through it, “I am Tanakami! I reside and run Thriller Bark! Your challenge is accepted! I don’t fear that pussy either!” The next voice through was Darcel, “I, Darcel of the Neo Big Mam Pirates, accept this challenge!” “I, Buggy, accept this challenge!” “Captain Kid accepts this challenge.” “Dracule ‘Hawkeye’ Mihawk accepts this challenge.” It began to read lower frequencies as others began to profess to the challenge. “The Usopp Pirates accept!” “The Tornado Pirates accept!” “The Dinghy Pirates-“ “-Ultravone Pirates-“ “-Mitreblen Pirates-“ Several names were gargled through and then the sound of three girls came through clearer than the rest saying, “Hello, Truble. This is the Elemental Aviary Pirates. We accept your challenge and I have a challenge for you. Don’t smear grandpa’s name.” Truble and Mako smiled at one another, hiding their concern about the last voice as they heard others accepting and then Truble looked back at the camera and yelled, “YOU CAN’T KEEP A TRUE PIRATE DOWN!” He would then glare at the camera and speak in a cold tone, “Make your move.” His gunner would shoot out the camera and the equipment so fast, it could hardly be seen.

The televisions would be taken over by the Fleet Admiral then, broadcasting from his ship. His eyes were fierce as a wolf, as if demons were dancing in his very soul. He was topless as well though his wounds were bandaged and he had his jacket on stating justice. His hair was straggled over his eyes but not obscuring them as his smooth voice came out, “Good show… Very good… You interrupted a very important broadcast… Your words were nice to the eager and somewhat naïve ears… But here is something that you are mistaken in, Truble…” He moved closer to the camera and flashed a smirk. “I have all the power here…” He stepped away from the camera and revealed the Captain that was a Fishman, the Sand Devil. His marks from his escapades on saving the pup evident, his jacket nowhere to be found. He was bound in the heaviest stone and arms and legs locked, he was still weak and couldn’t break out. The Fleet Admiral walked back to him and his black pants flowed against his legs and hid the tops of black dress shoes. He grabbed the Sand Shark by the throat and looked back at the camera with a sickening grin, “You gave me enough time to prepare our special guest… A traitor… This marine… A CAPTAIN no less! The sixth rank in our infantries and he has committed an act of treason!” He released his throat. “I have done no such thing…” The Captain uttered out, his eyes read of betrayal and hurt. This was an embarrassment as it was broadcasted globally, “I have been nothing but loyal!” The Fleet Admiral chuckled and one of his crew members handed him a clipboard with papers on it and he ran through them as he said, “According to the pirates listed in the stolen broadcast… How many of them have you helped?” The captain remained silent and closed his eyes as he wasn’t going to go through with this. “I want an answer…” The Fleet Admiral punched him in the face and managed to actually knock out one of his teeth. He then let the tooth grow back. The Sand Devil looked at the camera and then at the Fleet Admiral as his head was forced back towards the camera. He took in a deep breath as some blood was running from his mouth. “I helped… Many of them…” “That,” Nomikomu stated as he paced away a bit, “Is proof of you being a traitor…” “I didn’t know!” Yalbagoth insisted but it resulted in another punch and another tooth knocked clean out. “Everyone can tell who is and isn’t a pirate!” The angered tone was calm and fierce, him walking off camera and grasping a sword, placing down the clipboard, as he said, “All pirates have a mark… A tattoo… The way they act… The way they talk… Signatures of them being what they are… So tell me… Out of that list given on the previous cast…” He placed the sword to the fishman’s throat. “Who did you help?” Yalbagoth shook his head and said, “I will not… tell you…” Nomikomu then turned the blade and ran it down a bit then crossed over to his gills. He grasped one of the flaps and cut it off. The Sand Devil let out a yell with his head thrown back, his rows of teeth revealed to the camera in his mouth. He then said, “With all due respect sir… Go f*** yourself…” The blade was traveled down to the next gill and cut its flap off. He yelled out again and then let his head drop to watch the blood drip over his chest and to the ground. “You’re… A disgrace sir…” The last gill on that side was severed and the blade moved to the other side. Yalbagoth cringed and growled at this, taking harsh breaths. He then said, “The pirates… have more honor than you…” Something in Nomikomu seemed to make him smile more, taking the blade and running it down to a special place where he knew he wouldn’t hit any organs and slowly pressed the blade into the flesh. “I would advise you start to speak…” The stubborn fishman refused and the blade was slowly pushed in until it was the whole way through and he left it there. The Sand Devil grit his teeth as it was pressed through him and it was witnessed as Nomikomu went and grasped another sword. Though it was noticed with him moving that the first sword he had pressed into Yalbagoth was part of a three sword set that only those familiar with it would know. The second sword was revealed to be another part of the set, it being placed against another mark. The Sand Devil said, “I helped Truble…” Nomikomu smirked and said, “Tell them all how you did it and then who else…” “I… told him how much of a f***ing pussy you are… just now…” The Sand Devil retorted, leaving out a painful grunt as the second sword was driven into him. “I have helped them all by doing this!” The third sword of the set was grabbed and plunged into him. The Sand Devil breathed deeply as he hissed in pain. “The pirates… shouldn’t fear you… You should fear them…” Nomikomu then reached into the victim’s mouth and ripped out a handful of his teeth with some effort. Yalbagoth screamed out and bled as he did so. Then he went off and got one of his marine’s normal blades and moved behind him, forcing him to bend forward to show his dorsal fin. “I only… Helped lost innocent souls… Who needed assistance…” Nomikomu sliced the dorsal fin from his body, causing Yalbagoth to roar out in pain. “They are not… By any means… Innocent…” Nomikomu whispered harshly and loud enough the sound equipment picked it up. He then sliced the fins off the man’s arms and legs, seemingly enjoying the screams of pain. “Now… All the names… How you helped them… And then why…” He was greeted by silence and pointed at the clip board, “That told me all… I want you to tell the people…” Yalbagoth stared at the camera and then said, “Truble… When he was young… I told him where he might find the fallen body of the man holding much power… Information on the fruits… He looked like he could have been true to the power… I helped the Usopp pirates with their ship because the three boys wanted to sail… I helped every single one in every way possible because… I respect them…” “You don’t respect them!” Nomikomu smirked and then did the embarrassment of cutting off all of his skin tight clothes in front of the camera and found the bright red tattoo of the sun pirates wrapped around his upper leg. “This… Is why you are loyal to pirates. You are one!” “I am not a pirate!” Yalbagoth exclaimed. Nomikomu’s arms began to radiate with darkness and it swallowed the ship so the camera could see only them moving and he gripped his leg and twisted it as the darkness licked up like smoke as the leg snapped and he kept twisting. Yalbagoth yelled out in sheer pain, as he threw his head back. He wouldn’t give into it though and crumble, just letting him do it. Nomikomu twisted until the leg came off and waved it in front of the camera to reveal his hands were clawed like a lizard but with fur poking out halfway up his arm and onto his chest a bit. “Those marks you came here with,” Nomikomu accused, “You probably got them as one of the people you were supposed to protect clawed at your back as you stole their valuables! Just like a pirate…” “I got them…” Yalbagoth retaliated, “protecting… A dog from his home… collapsing on him… Those marks are where the stones I crumbled to keep it from dying… Ask my men…” “LIAR!” Nomikomu punched him again and then before the teeth could grow back in the places they had fallen out, he grabbed a searing hot poker from one of his men and seared his gums shut. Yalbagoth yelled in pain but didn’t bite down on the stick to give the Fleet Admiral his sweet satisfaction. “You… Are a traitor. As a pirate… You will be executed…” He handed the poker back to the one who handed it to him and then grasped the first sword. He pulled out the swords and watched as Yalbagoth bent over a bit and tried to stand up strong despite his blood dripping over his body. Nomikomu then took out two things, a normal red apple and an orange devil fruit. He looked to Yalbagoth and said, “Any last words?” “Don’t ever… Give up…” Yalbagoth stared at the camera and breathed heavily. “You pirates… Are all that is left… Of this… World’s freedom… Show us… What… This means… To really be… Free…” Before anymore could be said, Nomikomu grasped his head and taped over his gills and then over his nose. He took a cup of water and poured it over the tape to show that it was absolutely airtight. A hand ran over his body as he was handed more stones and locks to tie onto him. He forced the Devil Fruit into the Fishman’s mouth and slowly backed him up to the edge as he taped over his mouth, watching him struggle and writhe for air as he kicked him over the side. He looked to the camera and slowly came back towards the awkwardly placed table then stood there with his hand on the apple and said, “You are foolish… All of you…” He looked down at the apple and smirked as it began to have a swirled pattern and its stem curled, its color changing from red to a golden yellow. “Everyone…” He tossed the devil fruit and caught it. “Will face similar fates… No human… No Fishman… No Merfolk… Not even an animal… Shall disobey me… None shall resist persecution if they prove to be a pirate… Or a traitor… So tread lightly…” He ended the broadcast.